16 Jan

Perth Family's 18-Month-Old Toddler Triumphs At Everest Base Camp 5364m.

In an extraordinary feat, an 18-month-old toddler from Perth has achieved what few adults dare to attempt – reaching the Everest Base Camp. Lucy Brown, accompanied by her parents and 65-year-old grandmother, completed the challenging trek to the base camp in Nepal last November, situated at a daunting altitude of 5,364 meters. Lucy's father, Scott Brown, emphasized the unique nature of this accomplishment, stating, "It was a pretty special experience. [We] didn't take it lightly, put a lot of training into it … there was, I guess, some risk but it ended up working out well."

18-month old visited her grandfather's memorial at the base camp

Mountaineering runs in the Brown family, with Lucy's late grandfather, Ray Brown, being the first Western Australian to summit Mount Everest in 1999. Scott Brown, now 40, commemorated his 10th birthday at the Everest base camp with his father. A decade later, he revisited a memorial site built by Nepalese locals to honor his father on his 20th birthday and returned on his 30th birthday. Now, at 40, the family decided to attempt the trek once more, this time with the youngest member setting a potential record as the youngest Australian child to reach the Everest Base Camp.

18-month old visited her grandfather's memorial at the base camp

Undoubtedly, the journey posed challenges, with the high altitudes and lower oxygen levels making the trek perilous for many. However, after a year of meticulous preparation and careful consideration, the Brown family, guided by an experienced local guide, successfully navigated the difficulties. Scott Brown acknowledged the tough times during the trek but remarked, "We just kept an eye on Lucy, and she, I think, handled it better than we did." Despite the hardships, the expedition proved immensely rewarding, offering the family an emotional and unforgettable experience as they witnessed Lucy's growth amidst the awe-inspiring Himalayan landscape.