Warm Clothes for Mountain Children (WCMC) is a small but impactful project that began in 2021. It was founded by Ramesh Tamang, an adventure guide and founder of Community Trek, who was deeply moved by the plight of children living in the harsh mountain regions of Nepal.

During his treks, Ramesh frequently encountered children playing and going to school without proper warm clothes, braving the biting cold that often dips below zero degrees Fahrenheit. This sight resonated deeply with Ramesh, as it mirrored his own childhood experience growing up in the Lower Everest region. He remembered how his parents, like many others in the community, struggled to afford warm clothes for their children during the harsh winter months.

Driven by compassion and a desire to help, Ramesh decided to take action. He started WCMC with a simple goal: to provide warm clothes for as many mountain children as possible.

Since starting Project WCMC, Ramesh has achieved remarkable success. In the first year alone (2021), he and his friends raised enough money to provide 200 warm jackets to children in need. This project has continued every year, bringing a little happiness and warmth to children living in the remote mountains of Nepal.

Warm Cloths for Mountain Children (WCMC)

Our Story

On his 2021 trek to Everest Base Camp, Ramesh saw many kids playing and running along the trails. Though they were on their way to school, they had no warm clothes. It was cold, even below zero! Their situation reminded him of his childhood in the mountains of Nepal (Lower Everest region). Just like these children, he and his parents didn't have enough money for warm clothes when he was young.

Seeing those children, Ramesh couldn't help but think, "How can I help the mountain kids? Their parents can't afford warm clothes for them, even in this bitter winter." 
Ramesh shared his idea of helping the mountain children with some of his friends. They loved it! "That's a brilliant idea, Ramesh!" they exclaimed. "Together, we can create a GoFundMe account for the 'mountain children' of Nepal!"

And so they did. With the support of their friends and family, they raised enough money to buy 200 warm jackets for the children that year.
This is why Ramesh started a small project called "WCMC," which stands for "Warm Clothes for Mountain Children." Each year, he works hard to raise funds to buy 100-200 warm jackets for children living in the mountains.

Mountain Children of Nepal

There are several ways you can support Project WCMC:

Book trekking and tour packages through Community Trek: 5% of the profits go directly towards providing warm clothing for children.

Donate: Your financial contribution, big or small, can make a significant difference.
Spread the word: Share information about Project WCMC on your social media platforms.
Collect funds: Organize fundraising events or collect donations from friends and family.

Project WCMC believes in the power of "We, Not Me." Their goal is to improve the lives of children in need, even if it's one child at a time. Every contribution, big or small, helps to bring warmth and hope to these children.

Join Us:

By supporting Project WCMC, you can make a real difference in the lives of children living in challenging circumstances. Together, we can ensure that these children are warm and protected during the cold winter months.

For further information, please feel free to reach out via email at info@communitytrek.com or connect with us on WhatsApp at +977 9808881190.

WCMC (Warm Cloths for Mountain Children)
Handcrafted warm jackets by a family in Kathmandu.

Warm Jackets for Mountain Children of Nepal.
Warm jackets are ready to be sent to mountain children.

Happy Mountain Children after getting Warm jackets.
Joyful mountain children wearing their new warm jackets.

Warm Cloths for Mountain Children Project Nepal
After receiving warm jackets, they are posing for a picture.