Community Trek: More than just an adventure company, we're a gateway to the soul of Nepal. We offer authentic, sustainable, and unforgettable experiences that connect travelers with the magic of this Himalayan nation.


Why partner with Community Trek?
  • Authentic Experiences: We go beyond the sights, immersing your clients in local life through homestays, cultural tours, and responsible travel practices.
  • Sustainable Tourism: We minimize our environmental impact and support local communities, ensuring a positive legacy for your brand.
  • Unmatched Expertise: Our passionate guides, with years of experience, provide unparalleled knowledge and safety on every adventure.
  • Diverse Activities: From thrilling treks to wildlife safaris and cultural immersion, we cater to every traveler's desire, exceeding expectations.
  • Flexibility and Customization: We tailor itineraries to your client's needs, creating unique journeys that truly resonate.
  • Competitive Rates and Commissions: We offer attractive partnership packages, ensuring mutual profitability and growth.
  • Marketing and Support: We actively promote our partners, driving traffic to your website and enhancing your brand visibility.


Join Community Trek

  • Expand your portfolio: Offer a unique and impactful Nepal experience that sets you apart.
  • Attract conscious travelers: Cater to the growing demand for sustainable and responsible tourism.
  • Boost your brand image: Align your company with values of authenticity, community, and environmental responsibility.
  • Build long-term relationships: Partner with a reliable and trustworthy company committed to your success.


Ready to embark on this adventure with us?

If you'd like to explore a B2B partnership with Community Trek, please reach out via email at or through WhatsApp at +977 9808881190 for further planning, discussions, and collaboration opportunities.

Together, let's share the true spirit of Nepal and leave a lasting positive impact on this incredible country.