Community Trek takes you on unforgettable journeys through breathtaking landscapes, vibrant cultures, and authentic local experiences.

Here's what you need to know before trip booking:

Booking Your Trip:
  • Minimum Group Size: 2 person
  • Maximum Group Size: 15
  • Confirmation: Send a deposit and receive an invoice or email. Final details are locked in!
  • Price Changes: Once confirmed, no price changes unless requested by you or due to unforeseen circumstances.
Deposits and Payments:
  • 25% Deposit: Secure your spot with a minimum deposit.
  • Remaining Payment: Pay anytime before your trip begin. 
  • Cancellation Policy: Get a full refund up to 40 days before! Refunds decrease the closer you get to the trip.
Payment Methods:
  • Bank Transfer: We'll provide details.
  • Direct Money Transfer: Use Western Union or MoneyGram.
  • Credit Card: Pay in Nepal with MasterCard or Visa (4% extra charge).
  • Cash on arrival. 
  • You can cancel anytime.
  • Get a full refund up to 50 days before your trip.
  • 50% refund up to 35 days before.
  • 25% refund up to 25 days before.
  • No refund after 20 days or after the trip starts.
Cancellations by Community Trek:
  • We may cancel trips due to natural disasters, unforeseen events, etc.
  • You'll receive a full refund (excluding airfare, visa fees, etc.).
  • Choose another trip or work out a solution together.
Risks and Liabilities:
  • We strive for a smooth journey, but some things are beyond our control (weather, government restrictions, etc.).
  • You'll cover any extra costs due to these circumstances.
  • We're not responsible for losses caused by other parties or travel insurance issues.
Medical Conditions and Requirements:
  • Tell us about any medical conditions, allergies, or dietary needs.
  • Last-minute information may lead to cancellation without a refund.
  • Some trips may not be suitable for everyone. Let us know your limitations.
Travel Insurance:
  • Mandatory! Get travel insurance to cover medical expenses, evacuation, etc.
  • We don't include it in our prices.
  • Choose a "Trip Cancellations and Medical Insurance Policy."
  • We'll help with insurance companies, but ultimately you're responsible for any unpaid bills.
Flight Delays and Itinerary Changes:
  • Mountain weather is unpredictable. Flights may be delayed or canceled.
  • We're not responsible for costs due to flight cancellations.
  • Alternative arrangements, like helicopter flights, come at your own cost.
  • We'll help with missed flights and expired visas as much as possible.
Injuries and Evacuation:
  • Get travel insurance to cover injuries and evacuation (including helicopter).
  • We're not responsible for your health or injuries.
  • Follow the tour leader's instructions and avoid unlawful behavior.
  • Disruptive behavior may lead to expulsion without a refund.
Extra Days:
  • Consider adding extra days for buffer, especially in remote areas or off-season.
  • You'll cover your own accommodation and food costs if flights are canceled before or after your trip.