01 Jun

Adventure Tourism Companies Must Value Their Workers

To succeed in the adventure tourism industry, company owners must value their workers, especially porters and guides, and help them with their problems. If a company only cares about making money and not about its workers, then the whole industry will suffer.

One big problem is that porters and guides in some of Nepal's biggest adventure tourism companies, especially the ones that organize the Everest Trek, don't get paid enough. These hard-working people often earn less than NRs 1500 (11-12 USD) per day. This is not enough to live on, and it is not fair.

The owners of these companies are also on the boards of tourism organizations like TAAN (Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal). This means that they have a responsibility to act ethically and treat their workers well. Instead, they are using their online cheap marketing to attract clients while paying their workers very little.

Instead of trying to charge the lowest prices, adventure tourism companies should consider charging their clients a little more so that they can pay their workers more. Even a small increase in prices can make a big difference in the lives of the people who work so hard to make these adventures possible.

We should stop competing to see who can charge the lowest prices and start competing to see who can provide the best service to our clients. This way, we can create a situation where both clients and workers are happy. This is a better way to run the industry, and it will help it to last longer.